Wendy Williams had a difficult time dealing with her medical issues. Her friends and family were always there for her. Wendy’s ex husband recently accused her team of putting her in a life-or-death situation, implying that not everyone who was there for her wanted her to get better.

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, accuses her team of putting her in a life-or-death situation by refusing to let her son, Kevin Jr., allow medical professionals into her apartment to treat her. Kevin Sr. took to Instagram Live on Tuesday to clear the air about a few issues on his mind.

“When it comes to whatever narratives that might be spun out there, regarding me, my entire family, I want to first and foremost say I respect … I truly respect all I was able to experience with my ex-wife and what we were able to accomplish.”

“What she has clearly accomplished on her own and her own merit, and what we were able to accomplish together.”

He then appears to address their split in a hazy manner. Wendy famously filed for divorce after news of Kevin’s alleged affair with Sharina Hudson became public. Kevin and Sharina eventually had a child and moved to Florida.

“When it comes to my personal life of what the public has been able to see in real-time, I take full accountability for my actions and understanding how I might have hurt a lot of people …”

“I did hurt somebody — for that, I wish her nothing but the best and wellness and support.”

Kevin stated on Instagram Live that his job was “stripped from me because who I choose to be with.” Wendy, according to Kevin, tried to discredit his success after he left. He then slammed Wendy’s producers for already moving on to Sherri Shepherd.

He compared the situation to that of an injured athlete. Kevin stated that a team would allow their star to recover and return rather than discarding them. Kevin stated that even after his divorce, he continued to assist Wendy with her problems. “I still had to save her life,” he explained.

 “They are responsible for almost seeing her life come to an end.”

“There are current people in place, management, that clearly put her in a life-or-death situation. And denied medical coverage and care. If it wasn’t for my son and myself stepping in, that’s it.”

Kevin describes an incident in which Wendy needed assistance but her team members refused to let Kevin Jr. allow “rescuers” up to treat her during a health scare. Kevin Jr., he claims, had to threaten to call the cops to get the team members to move out of his way.

“And two blood transfusions later, that queen is still here.”

There were, and still are, a lot of vultures around Wendy, according to Kevin. He accuses those at the show of dropping the ball after he left and failing to ensure she was properly cared for. He claimed that this would never happen to Ellen or Jimmy Fallon. Kevin then discussed the lawsuit he had filed. He admitted to having an affair but questioned why this would result in his dismissal.

Later in the video, he says Kevin Jr. is taking care of his mother and has his full support. He is concerned that people will try to portray Kevin Jr. as a monster in order to gain control of Wendy. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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