Lollapalooza’s roster was announced on Tuesday and many fans are very excited about the event. It’s impossible to please everyone and Joyner Lucas is less than impressed.

Joyner Lucas doesn’t want any weak deal from Lollapalooza and he is not a fan of the music festival’s announced roster for 2022. He was not quiet about his opinion on the festival’s offering.

Lucas took to Twitter where he blasted the festival for its line-up, he is highly aggravated for the festival not giving him respect. He vented out his frustration in series of tweets on the social media platform.

Lucas claims he wasn’t offered much money. Given that his name was put alongside the lesser-known artists, the independent rapper isn’t a fan of the idea and wrote his anger in the following tweet.

These festivals is gon stop playing with me like I ain’t that n*gga. Putting my name next to the names of a bunch of random n*ggaz that nobody heard of and offering me a weak ass [Money Bag emoji]. Then I say no to the offer and these hoe ass n*ggaz put me on the flier anyways.

Lucas further claimed that this was not the first time Lollapalooza has done this; they have been “disrespecting” him past few years. He didn’t like that he had to find his name on the way bottom of the flyer.

“N***z is on gon start putting respek on my name. For years I been getting these weak ass offers like I’m some lil n*gga. Then n*ggaz who ain’t even on my level or doing my numbers is getting put in BIG LETTERS while they write my shit hella small on the flier.! How sway?!!

Lucas went on to maintain that he’s the “biggest independent artist period” before demanding that Lollapalooza take his name off the festival flyer.

“I’m the biggest independent artist period with the exception of my n***a tech,” he wrote. “And I got the numbers & the fans & the [bag] to back that statement up. How is it that these festivals keep tryna bunch my name up with a bunch of n***az who ain’t on my level?. N***a I’m JOYNER LUCAS.”

Joyner certainly holds his name on a high pedestal in the rap scene; as an independent, it remains to be seen how that turns out for the 33-year-old rapper. He ended his series of long ranting tweets, taking his anger out of Machine Gun Kelly and calling him “goofy-ass n*gga.” For those who don’t know, MGK is one of the headliners for this year’s festival.

Check out Lucas’ entire twitter rant below.

This is a developing story so stay tuned for more. Until then let us know your take on this rant below!

Bhupen Dange

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