42 Dugg is a very well-known rapper who rose to prominence following his collaboration with Lil Baby. Dugg’s days appear to be going tough from now on, especially if these charges stick. Fans will be devastated to discover that 42 Dugg has been charged with assaulting and holding women hostage at a Miami hotel.

Assault charges are serious, and 42 Dugg is at the center of allegations that surfaced on Instagram. After a lady came forward with Instagram Stories outlining an alleged interaction with Dugg, the Detroit rapper became the focus of online conversations. According to the allegation, the rapper assaulted her friend inside a hotel room while holding her prisoner.

The specifics of what happened have been revealed in a series of fragmented posts that include images of a purported police report and the entryway to the Miami Hotel. While the details of exactly what happened are unknown, this is what the accuser claimed in written letters after the photographs.

The individual claimed that they, or a friend, were offered $50,000 in “hush money” to keep quiet about what allegedly happened. There were also photos of an injured woman, as well as charges that they were set up by another woman.

“What n*ggas did to me and @_serenitysky is not worth any money sh*t is not a joke. This is what ya favorite celebrities do on close doors… Like grown man beat on my friend @_serenitysky and literally didn’t let US LEAVE and the HOTEL DIDNT DO ANYTHING.”

“42 dugg beat on my friend and held me hostage along with his crew!!!” 

Dugg has remained silent in the face of these allegations. As of this writing, this is a very new story, so we will have to see what happens next.

What do you think, did he actually assault that lady or is she just trying to discredit Dugg? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more developments.

What’s your take on it? Sound it in the comments.

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