Tory Lanez is an opinionated individual who is always willing to stand up for his beliefs. Tory Lanez has a massive following in the country because he represents all of the individuals. Lanez just started a petition to “Keep Our Black Men On Coachella” and other music festivals.

Tory Lanez has stepped forward to offer his voice to a movement in a world where everyone seems to have a cause they support. As he fights charges that he shot Megan The Stallion in the foot, the rapper-singer has been a divisive figure in the business. Lanez has maintained his innocence for nearly two years, despite the fact that she has implicated him as her assailant.

Lanez recently made an appearance on Twitter with the message “defend Black males,” and he also discussed things to take further steps for establishing an online petition. Hotnewhiphop recently reported that a petition had amassed thousands of signatures calling for Kanye West to be removed from the Coachella lineup, and Lanez’s new decision seemed to be in response.

“I don’t care what y’all have to say …. WE ARE BLACK MEN … AND WE MATTER … don’t wait till we are all lynched , lied on and character assassinated to realize they have removed all of our legends and role models from the conversation,” Lanez tweeted yesterday (March 21). Then, he shared his petition that hosted the title, “Keep our Black Men on Coachella and all other festivals.”

He expanded on his responsibilities in the job description:

“We are watching the industry and fake cancel culture remove all of our legendary black men , black celebrities and black moguls …..from festivals , from our culture and from our lives … and it starts with us …. we must make a change .. so we can keep our black men thriving …we stood for equal rights of black men 2 years ago with GEORGE FLOYD .. what changed from ‘then to now’ in regards of the protection of BLACK MEN … ‘a man is not his craft … and the craft should never be judged by the man’ don’t let them use our personal life situations to make fake stories that have been misconstrued to hinder and taint our legacies …. STAND FOR US … WE ARE THE BACK BONE OF CULTURE . If we lose this fight we lose the HEAD of the same culture that we have known and loved and OWNED for the last 2000 years … the BLACK MAN NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED . The first step is PROTECTING OUR CULTURE !! HELP US”

Tory Lanez made a statement in support of ‘Black Males.’ Tory’s endorsement drew both favorable and negative responses. Many individuals applauded his action, while others chastised it. What do you think let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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