Young Dolph was fatally shot and murdered in his hometown of Memphis in November 2021. Investigators were having difficulty identifying a culprit. Then Justin Johnson, aka Straight Dropp, along with others were arrested for the murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph earlier in January. It seems Dropp was badly beaten up in jail.

Straight Dropp is a rapper and he dropped a single instead of turning himself in to authorities. As he waits for his day in court, Straight Dropp is allegedly having a difficult time behind bars. He’s also too broke to hire an attorney.

One of Young Dolph’s artist Snupe Bandz revealed that Straight Dropp was beaten up in jail. This confirmed a previous report from Real Talk with Tamera and Rose Gold.

Snupe Bandz was seen in an Instagram Live where he confirmed and celebrated the news. It seems like the streets are finally rejoicing. He proudly laid claim to also knowing the man who put a beat down on Straight Dropp in lockup.

Hell yeah, Straight Dropp got beat up in jail.

Bandz’s associate, Lil Murda, is apparently incarcerated and he could put his hands on Young Dolph’s shooter. He was allegedly successful in thrashing Dropp and the hip-hop community is happy about it.

Justin aka Dropp’s crime history included serving nine months in jail after a shooting at a bowling alley. This was while also being indicted for drug and handgun offenses. That also included a federal gun charge from 2018. One has to wonder why he was a free man to shoot at Dolph in the first place.

Young Dolph’s murder is another addition to the violent history of the rap world. Dolph had dedicated much of his life to the music industry all while empowering budding artists to remain independent. We will be on the lookout for more updates. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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