Kylie Jenner is a billionaire with expensive tastes. Its no surprise that she would spend money on her kids. However, sometimes her fans think that she takes it too far.

While the Kardashian sisters are good mothers, they do tend to spoil their children a little bit. Every kid enjoys a life of comfortability in the Kardashian household. But no one enjoys luxury like Stormi and Wolf Webster.

Both Travis Scot and Kylie Jenner shower their kids with expensive gifts. A close-up of the luxury cuddly bear was featured in Kylie’s YouTube video documenting her pregnancy journey. This came after Stormi was seen enjoying private jet rides with Hermes blankets.

Kylie’s son Wolf has a vintage Louis Vuitton teddy bear in his room which can be found online for over $20K. The tiny teddy bear caused a stir online. Kardashian fans slammed Kylie Jenner for flaunting her wealth while introducing her new born and talking about her pregnancy journey.

A Reddit user started a discussion threat after finding out that the luxurious teddy was re-selling for over $20K. A fan said: “I don’t understand why people get so surprised this family spends insane amounts of money on ridiculous things. They literally flaunt it every day.” Another wrote: “That could pay off my student loans.” People in the discussion thread couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that so much money was spent on a baby’s toy.

We’ll have to see what fans target next, but this teddy bear drama sure gave them something to talk about today.

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