The Kardashians can’t go a day off without facing backlash for their acts. Kris Jenner has been previously slammed for claiming to clean her own house. This time Kris got an earful from the fans for being wasteful.

In a recent issue of Poosh, Mama Jenner opened her kitchen doors, giving fans a glimpse of her abundant appliances. The write-up said that Kris has two refrigerators. According to the Sun, one has fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and the other one is abundant with drinks and condiments.

At first glance, the organized pantry looks and sounds very easy to the eye and convenient. However, fans have a totally different view of how she stocks up on the resources. This time people have rushed to Reddit to comment on the wasteful display of her pantry.

“Can you imagine being their chef and having to navigate 15 different color-coordinated fridges,” one topic page asked. “What dystopian timeline is this?” one person begged. Another added: “The excess here is staggering and enraging.”

Some were also concerned about the usage of all the items inside her fridge. “I’m assuming most of this is getting juiced. Hopefully, they’re not throwing too much out,” one person commented. Another chimed in and said: “I hope they let their staff take things home before they go to waste. No way just KJ and Corey eat all of this.”

The Kardashians are always up to organize their food items and pantry to their liking. Khloe and Kourtney have previously displayed a similar style of stocking food like their mother. However, fans will always find a way to critique their lifestyle no matter how they show it off.

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Anirban Biswas

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