Basketball is a unique sport for fans because it is one of the few sporting events that permits spectators to sit courtside. Fans are just as involved in the game as the players, which may lead to some heated exchanges. Since fans were permitted back after the outbreak, they’ve been largely out of pocket, which has resulted in some tense interactions.

This was the case on Sunday night in Indiana, as the Pacers thrashed the Trail Blazers by more than 30 points. The Pacers’ fans were ecstatic about the victory, and they were not going to let the Blazers’ players forget it.

It wasn’t much of a contest, as the Pacers cruised to a 129-98 victory, denying the Blazers any hope of a comeback. Nothing interesting happened from the Blazers’ side of the court until Nurkic did this with a fan at the end of the game.

One fan tried to get in the face of Jusuf Nurkic, and he even had his phone in his hand. Nurkic had had enough and tossed the phone into the crowd at that point. The fan was stunned, and just as things were about to become worse, security arrived and separated the two, while Nurkic quietly walked back to his locker room.

The Bosnian international has failed to inspire Blazers fans to believe that their team can win for the first time in nine years. And now that he’s been absent for the team’s last 11 games due to injury, he can’t hold his cool enough not to throw a fan’s phone. Take a look at the video in reference below.

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