Jennifer Lopez is indeed an unmatched beauty. In the world of social media, every other person flaunts their good looks. However, Jennifer Lopez is receiving complaints on TikTok instead of compliments.

While the talks of JLo’s beauty reach far and wide, she has been asked to tone it down a notch on TikTok. Just as Jennifer was flaunting her looks at the pool she was asked not to. Jennifer Lopez was asked to look ugly by her pal Leah Remini.

Leah Remini called out “jerk-off” Jennifer Lopez for being extra as they laid poolside in a throwback video posted to TikTok on Thursday. She called Jennifer ‘so annoying’ for dressing up for a pool day. ‘Here’s me — normal. Look at this one! Head wrap! Jewelry! Can you be ugly once? Just be normal once?!’ she joked.

Remini started the clip with the camera lens facing her. She showed herself in a baseball cap and gold hoops. The The King of Queens star then turned the camera to a very stylish JLo. Lopez was clad in a colorful, printed head wrap with aviator sunglasses and gold jewelry.

JLo looked bewildered following Remini’s “be ugly” comments. Leah Remini then said, ‘You’re such a jerk-off!’ and they both broke out into laughter. The hilarious post received more than 966,000 likes from her nearly one million followers on the app. 

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