Daniel Radcliffe is certainly one of the most recognizable actors in all of Hollywood. Starting at a young age, Radcliffe made a name for himself for his leading role in the Harry Potter franchise. Radcliffe’s also having a great time in his latest biopic playing Weird Al as well. That being said, he’s not into becoming a mutant.

Radcliffe has no intentions in taking on the role of Wolverine in the upcoming X-Men film. The 32-year-old Harry Potter star spoke on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and categorically denied recreating Hugh Jackman’s role as the renowned mutant with retractable claws.

I think it’s because Wolverine in the comics is fairly short, so I think people are going “Who’s a short actor? Him! He can maybe play him.”

In a black turtleneck and a neat grey suit, which he complemented with a belt and black shoes, the former child star looked dapper. He explained that the Wolverine rumors were around for a while, with people deducing their own conclusions from his words.


When host Jimmy Fallon agreed with fans that Radcliffe would make a great Wolverine, Daniel was extremely flattered. The show began with Radcliffe and Fallon playing a game called Cold As Ice, in which the actor and host were attached to a tube device that ran down the front of their pants.

They were then interrogated, with a pitcher of ice water dumped into their trousers if they answered a question poorly. Radcliffe got the first two questions wrong, but he came out on top in the final round. Jimmy, on the other hand, failed all of his questions, including one about his visitor.

Radcliffe is having fun right now, taking on parts he wants like Miracle Workers. After all, he played Harry Potter for 8 movies, 5 of which he made a killing and he could probably live off those royalties for the rest of his life. We’re lucky he ever leaves the house.

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