Britney Spears is back on social media after sudden disappearance from Instagram. The hiatus lasted for two days. Now, fans are speculating that the pop icon is pregnant.

Spears has thought about having kids with fiancé Sam Asghari quite a few times. So, it won’t be a surprise if she did actually get pregnant. In addition to her intentions to have more kids she has also expressed how she misses her teenage sons’ childhood.

The pop star caused a lot of stir as she posted the pregnant belly video, simply captioning it: ”Mommy … get me out of here!!!!!!’ Britney didn’t directly disclose that she was expecting. However, that didn’t stop her fans from going wild in the comments.

The comment on the post says, Got something to tell us? The second most liked comments said, I think she’s been subtly hinting she is. another baffled follower asked: ‘Are you pregnant??’ Other fans seemed to be congratulating the pop star.


It turns out that Britney had simply reposted a clip from a pregnant TikTok user named lirios9595. Contrary to rumors, Britney’s account wasn’t actually deleted but deactivated by Britney herself. Apparently the singer did it for her own reasons. Most of Brit’s old post are still intact on Instagram and the account shows virtually no changes since her disappearance except for the few posts that she has deleted before disappearing.

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Shifa Jahan

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