Bill Murray has been a fan favorite comic and actor for decades. Apparently, the legendary actor even performed in one of the oldest stages on earth. Now, he is being labelled as being out of touch because of his comments on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Murray talked to Kevin E G Perry about the pandemic being this generation’s ‘most challenging time’. He also discussed about shooting a majestic concert movie at the Acropolis of Athens. The documentary style concert film was filmed in June 2018. 

New Worlds: The Cradle Of Civilization captures the final night of Murray and the musicians’ 2018 tour. The shooting of the movie took place in the pre-pandemic era. This brought in a lot of memories for Bill who described it as a “time capsule.”

We just went out with our friend to walk the dog, and you’re wearing a mask, everyone’s wearing a mask. The dog is the only one who’s completely alive! He’s living the dog’s life. The rest of us are afraid to die, and afraid to kill, so we’re masked up and we’re injected, and so forth. It’s the most challenging time of this life cycle for us. We didn’t have a world war or a depression, the things our ancestors had. This is the hand we got dealt and if you fold, you can’t win.

Bill Murray is being labeled as an old and out-of-touch guy after seemingly lamenting the fact we’ve had to wear masks during this pandemic. The acclaimed actor is under fire for likening “wearing masks” to a fear of death. Bill’s comments have caused a stir on social media although it could be understood as a metaphor.

Twitter is tearing Bill apart over the comments calling it incredibly tone-deaf. They could be wrong here, Bill Murray has spoken about COVID quite a bit over the past two years. He has always been wholesome, optimistic and helpful. So, this clearly doesn’t seem like something Bill Murray would intend to convey.

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Shifa Jahan

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