Paul Pierce was fired from ESPN about a year ago for posting explicit content on his social media. In an Instagram live, he could be seen surrounded by strippers while being drunk and high. It was pretty much the lowest point of his career, but he seems to do just get wilder and wilder.

To this day, fans still remember Paul’s hilarious fallout. A couple of months ago, Paul went live on Instagram with a woman Sophia Elizabeth, and the two seemed to get quite wild while they were live.

In this new video, Paul is making out with this woman on a couch and after a point, he asks her to touch his crotch. He then turns the camera to that area where he had already unzipped. The woman then touches him and Paul asked her to have sex with him. It looks like Elizabeth wasn’t really okay with this, especially since it was a live video.

Right after that, the clip ends and the entire video has now gone viral on Twitter where fans have been ridiculing Paul for these weird actions.

Since Pierce doesn’t have to worry about ESPN anymore, fans are expecting more of his bizarre acts on social media. Look at this ridiculous video of Paul asking the woman to have sex with him.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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