Jussie Smollet was initially sentenced to 150 days of jail at the Cook County Jail in Chicago, which is nearly 5 months. This was handed down after he faked a hate a crime. He was also charged with fines and restitution for faking a crime against himself and later making false police reports. He didn’t spend very long in the slammer at all.

Now it looks like, Jussie is going to be released from jail after only six days after he posted a $150,000 bond. The news of his bail was reported by New York Post on March 16. The news also has reports showing that he was on a fast for several days due to Lent, which began on March 3rd.

His exact release date is not yet clear but it will probably be after his bond is paid. Naturally, this will spark some sort of reaction out of everyone.

Other than his initial prison sentence of 150 days, he also faces 30 months of felony probation per Chicago’s Judge, James Linn. Jussie was also required to pay $120,106 in restitution and $25,000 in fines. The judge delivered a very strong message to Jussie while he was announcing his sentence.

“There’s acute public interest in this case. People seem to care passionately and the reasons are many,” the Judge said. “There is nothing I can do today than the damage you have done to your own life. You have destroyed your own life as you know it.”

Jussie spoke at the hearing and gave a speech, trying to maintain his innocence. “I am not suicidal. I am innocent,” he said. “If I did this then it means I stuck my fist in the fears of Black Americans in This country of over 400 years in this country and the years of the LGBT community … if anything happens to me when I’m in there, I did not do it to myself and you must all know that. I respect you your honor and your decision.”

Back in 2019, Jussie had filed a report claiming that he was attacked by two Trump supporters in a hate crime, mentioning that they tied a noose around his neck. He was also found guilty of charging Abimbola “Bola” and Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo $3500 to stage the attack.

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