It’s never easy to deal with the death of a family member. Following the announcement that their father, Gene Elliott Thornton Sr., died away over the weekend, Pusha T and his brother No Malice are feeling it personally.

Over the weekend, Pusha T and No Malice confirmed the death of their father, Gene Elliott Thornton Sr. Pusha T announced the news on Instagram, alongside photos of his father and kid as well as a video of them spending time together.

Pusha captioned the post:

“I love you Dad… you taught me to remain poised, to always be calculated, to be prideful and to respect hustle and hard work but to know the difference between the two. I am who I am because of you and I’ve always been proud to be your son. We are all gonna miss you…R.I.P Gene Elliott Thornton Sr. P.S We all know that this is abt, kiss my mom for me.”

The mother of the rap duo passed away in November 2021, and Pusha was open about it on Instagram. No Malice also logged on and wrote a tribute to his late father in the only post on his page.

Malice added a caption to his post:

“You told me Psalm 34:19 was your favorite verse. Right now, I clutch it with both hands. We all love you dad. You were everything a father is supposed to be. ‘Many are the afflictions of the righteous: But the LORD delivereth him out of them ALL.’ Psalm 34:19 KJV #TogetherAgain #Jesus #Salvation.”

The Clipse brothers haven’t said much more about their father’s death, but they’ve received a lot of support from their industry peers, including Fab, Jadakiss, DJ Clue, DJ Envy, and others. However, during this time, the brothers will continue to mourn in solitude.

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