Jenelle Evans openly discussed her health issues the last several years. She kept talking about unresolved symptoms and finally revealed her diagnosis recently. Now, Jenelle is being called out for denying some of the statements made in relation to her health issues in the past.

Evans revealed that she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It is an incurable condition characterized by chronic pain. However, Teen Mom fans have noticed that the diagnosis doesn’t completely fit all the symptoms that Jenelle talked about over the years.

In February 2022, Evans received criticism from fans after stating that she might have ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Now, she is being called out for back tracking on her statements made on the reality show. The exchange took place on TikTok and was later posted to the Teen Mom subreddit. The discussion thread was titled “Just Jenelle gaslighting someone about what she did or didn’t say 🤡”

A follower reminded Evans of what she said a few years ago on Teen Mom 2. The comments read, “Does anyone remember when she was reading the ridiculous list of symptoms off her phone to David and then said, dude… I see molecules!” The comment got a reply from Jenelle to which the follower responded to, yet again.

Jenelle denied to have said what the follower pointed out. The Teen Mom 2 star wrote: “No I said, “this coffee has me so hype I feel like I can see molecules” the follower quickly clapped back saying this was not the case at all. The commenter “@n0pe_x3” directly referenced the video clip from the show which you can watch below to see who’s right.

Obviously, Jenelle Evans is far from finished garnering attention and Teen Mom fans will continue giving it to her.

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