Being a Kardashian comes with its pros and cons. The cons include constant accusations and backlash from people on the internet. This time Kim Kardashian is slammed for stealing a swimwear look from a model.

Kim took to Instagram on Monday to show off several swimsuits featured in her latest SKIMS line. According to The Sun, one of the items featured in the collection is a swimsuit. It features a small navy bandeau top paired with a high-waisted skirt that features a large slit near the hip.

A New Jersey-based company Locked Swim took to their TikTok to share a video. In the video, Jennifer Bogush, the owner of Locked Swim was seen wearing a nearly identical swimsuit. She stood up on screen and stood next to the photo of Kim comparing both their dresses.

Shortly after the account shared the video, fans rushed to Reddit to discuss the seemingly stolen idea. The post read: “Owner of Locked Swim Claims Kim’s Skims Swim Stole From Her.” One person commented: “It’s a good company. And I do think her bandeau top looks higher quality than the skims one.”

However, many came to defend the SKIMS founder. One person wrote: “It’s a bandeau top and a wrap skirt. It’s nothing new and this person just wants clout.” Another added: “This is the most basic design ever and I’m sure I could find a bunch of swimsuits and lil wraps that look like this.”

The parties have not yet spoken up on the matter yet. However, it is very unlikely that Locked Swim would sue Kim’s brand for this. If they do, it will be a very hard call.

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