Tory Lanez has been under fire for a lot of things. While his legal troubles with Megan Thee Stallion do not seem to be coming to an end, it seems he’s landed himself in trouble for another unrelated issue.

Lanez has been accused by the estate of legendary star George Michael for copying his song “Careless Whisper” without any permissions or compensations. They cite the rapper’s song “Enchanted Waterfall,” to feature the copied snippets of the song, as per Variety.

Enchanted Waterfall” is part of an album by Lanez that is inspired by the 80s called Alone At Prom. The estate of George Michael as well as Andrew Ridgeley, who was Michael’s bandmate at Wham! and has co-writing credits on the song, released a joined statement saying that they’d denied the rapper the permission to use the song. They accused him of not paying any heed to their word and stole parts from the 1984-hit regardless.

It was brought to our attention that the song ‘Enchanted Waterfall’ by the artist Tory Lanez incorporated an unauthorized sample of ‘Careless Whisper’ written by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. [R]equested permission for this use had been declined in June 2021 so we took immediate action on behalf of the writers, in collaboration with our publishers Warner Chappell Music, to prevent further exploitation as we will not tolerate any unauthorized use of any songs within the catalogs of George Michael and/or Andrew Ridgeley.

The song is not available on Spotify as part of Alone At Prom. The song still retains itself on Apple Music as well as the music video for the song is on Tory Lanez’s YouTube channel.

Lanez has been accused of copying parts of a song from before. He’s had his run in with Madonna herself, who accused the rapper of copying from her hit single “Into the Groove.” 

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Nitish Vashishtha

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