Tory Lanez is receiving a fair amount of backlash since Kanye West asked him for his advice. People went straight at Tory for being involved in such a drama. Now Tory has responded to the uproar.

Kanye West was having a packed weekend while being involved in multiple dramas with Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. He also had a verbal altercation with D.L. Hughley at some point. However, the cherry on top was his interaction with Tory Lanez which garnered huge attention.

“I called a bunch of people I knew and the best advice I got was right now was from Tory Lanez, and he just said to pray and ask God to speak through me.” 

Tory Lanez turned into a trending topic on Twitter shortly after. People heckled Ye for calling the embattled Canadian artist in the midst of a family crisis. One person tweeted, “Idk who on Kanye PR team but he can’t be out starting videos with he took advice from Tory lanez.”

Tory then came out and addressed the whole thing by responding to the aforementioned Tweet. Lanez thought there isn’t anything wrong with people asking for advice from others. He adds to this by saying how God doesn’t choose who he wants to convey a message through.

“there should never be a problem with a man saying that the best advice he heard was to “ STOP AND PRAY FOR DIRECTION FROM GOD FIRST “ God doesn’t choose his MESSENGERS conventionally or biased … Long as the message got to him . Gods work is done .. no matter who it comes from,”

We will have to see how the fans react to Lanez’s statement. Kanye bringing Tory into personal matters of his own seems very inconvenient. Tory has no problems with it but the fans do.

What are your thoughts on the story? Let us know in the comments.

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