The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson was the actor’s first role as the legendary DC character. The film was said to be a very different take on Batman and it most definitely was that. Matt Reeves also hinted at the future of a major character in the franchise.

The Batman was expected to be a huge hit when it was released and it did exactly that. The film received a lot of praise from fans and critics alike, making it one of the best-rated superhero films of all time already.

It also had a huge box office opening, as it made $128.5 million in its debut. It dominated the box office during its second week as well. We’re not spoiling anything, but at the end of the film, Barry Keoghan made an appearance as The Joker.

While speaking on Den of Geek’s DC Standom, Matt Reeves talked about The Joker’s cameo in the film. Reeves then hinted that the character will have a major role to play in the future.

The cameo at the end of the movie is really more contextual [for the universe], so I can’t say whether we would do him, specifically, in the movies or not.

What you’re seeing is a pre-Joker Joker, actually. We go back to the Conrad Veidt, The Man Who Laughs inspiration, which is a Bob Kane-Bill Finger reference. Obviously, that guy has a congenital disease. He’s sort of like Phantom of the Opera, he can’t not smile.

Instead of being like the story of the Elephant Man, where his grotesque outward appearance sort of belied the beautiful inside, this would form his nihilistic worldview and he would have an insidious understanding of human nature. That’s kind of where this psychology comes from in who this guy would be.” 

We will have to wait and see how The Joker will play a major role in the universe, as the first film has certainly set up future sequels already.

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