Kourtney Kardashian finally revealed she’s actively trying for a baby with fiancé Travis Barker. This comes after months of speculation from fans saying she’s already pregnant which was revealed in a trailer for the Kardashian’s new Hulu show. The trailer even teased a hospital scene with Kourtney and Travis.

Earlier in her Variety interview, Kourtney talked about quitting reality television to raise her kids. She also said that the upcoming Hulu show might be her last major TV appearance. Kourtney also seems to be giving attention to the pre-existing pregnancy rumors.

The trailer begins with Kourtney admitting that “life without cameras was a big change for us.” A shot followed of Kourtney kissing Travis with her kids playing in her backyard. Later in the clip, fans got a look at Travis’ proposal.

After the proposal scene Kourtney reveals that she wants more kids. Kourtney’s distinctive voice is heard in the voiceover: “Travis and I want to have a baby.”

The couple were then shown visiting a doctor. Kourtney can be seen in a hospital bed. The couple are instructed to “put a sample in this cup” by the doctor.

The video shows Kourtney wanting privacy during the doctor’s appointment by taking her microphone off. In the earlier seasons of KUWTK, Kourtney talked about freezing her eggs. This could mean that Kourtney can even have a baby in other ways, such as, surrogacy.

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Shifa Jahan

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