Fans have accused the Kardashians of photoshopping their pictures numerous times. This time Kim Kardashian has been called out for overly editing a picture of her and Pete Davidson kissing.

Kim recently uploaded a picture of herself and Pete in the corridor of a hotel. According to the Sun, She then deleted the picture and added another one that looked very similar. Fans, however, were quick to notice a very significant change in the second upload.

Instagram user IGFamousbyDana shared the original and edited photos side by side for comparison. It was seen that Kim changed the floor from one with rectangular designs to a more basic carpet. Fans rushed to the comments section of the post to voice their thoughts.

“That should tell you how intensely detailed they are about editing their pics, and how they create their images for their curated feed. None of it is real.”

One person wrote: “So someone couldn’t guess what hotel she’s in.” Another theorized: “Because like most influencers they edit for more white space or photoshop colors in to keep the page ‘on theme’ and feed ‘clean.'” A third chimed in: “It probably didn’t go with her outfit… I wish I was joking.”

Fans noticed Kim’s photoshop shortly after Pete posted and then deleted private messages between himself and Kanye West. The two had an altercation through the texts. Kanye seemed to be very aggressive in his tone as Pete replied with more sarcastic and logical answers.

Kanye still seems to be angry at Pete for some apparent reason. Even after the divorce, Ye has decided to keep chiming in with the antics here and there. This needs to stop and it would only if the Yeezy mogul backs off.

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Anirban Biswas

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