Pooh Shiesty pleaded guilty to one count of firearms conspiracy earlier this year, and he is facing up to eight years in prison for his crimes. However, Pooh Shiesty’s fans have recently discovered his net worth as a result of court documents issued in his defense by lawyer Brad Cohen, as reported by Complex.

According to reports, the Shiesty Season hitmaker is now worth $3,449,446. According to Cohen’s argument, the pre-sentence report issued by the Southern District of Florida contains several errors that ultimately represent the recommended sentence “illogical.”

Shiesty’s attorney focuses on the government’s allegation that the recording artist “shot a known drug dealer who knew him well and could easily identify him,” as well as the fact that the incident allegedly occurred over “a few hundred-dollar drug deal for personal use.”

“There is no evidence of Mr. Williams’ involvement in a robbery. There is no audio or even texts discussing a robbery. No drugs or weapons were seized or recovered by law enforcement from Bay Harbor. There are no cooperators in this case. There are no statements of co-defendants.”

Shiesty faced up to 20 years in prison at first, but prosecutors reduced his sentence to eight years after he pleaded guilty. According to his legal team, the maximum sentence for the 22-year-old should be between 37 and 46 months – or three to four years. We’re hoping for a resolution to his legal woes so Pooh can get out of lockup and get back in the recording booth.

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