Britney Spears was once among one of the hottest pop acts in the industry. Just past year, Britney rid herself from her grueling conservatorship under her father. Recently, she took to social media to share some of her thoughts on the subject.

Spears posted a photo of her cleavage on Monday. She recollected turning her living room into a ‘milk factory’ as she fed her young sons as a new mother. She also described having her ‘womanhood stripped’ from her after her father, Jamie Spears became her conservator.

‘Okay… so I breast fed my 2 boys… like a freaking milk factory! I had literally 6 full bottles pumped out and ready to go at all times beside me as I was breast feeding because I never wanted my babies to go hungry!!! I was always spraying out and leaking because I was so full of milk and it kind of hurt my boobs!!! They got so full I was like “hey I will make a milk factory in my living room” and guess what… I did!!! I had my breast milk in literally 12 bottles at one point!!!’

Spears recalled being surprised by the physical memory of being a mother after she held a two-month-old infant during a trip to Maui. She said in the post, ‘Anyways… I was in Maui and this new mom let me hold her 2 month old baby!!! I was extremely surprised because she was so small!!!!’

Britney also shared the painful memory of her father introducing himself toas her conservator. Since her conservatorship started, Spears felt as though her womanhood had been ‘stripped’ from her. She revealed in the post,

‘I mean the first day my dad became my conservator I will never forget !!! He said sit down in that chair … we’re going to have a talk … He said “I’m Britney Spears and I call the shots from now on” and ever since that day I felt a huge part of my womanhood stripped from me … I was never the same … but oh geez !!! 13 years later and I say damn I got through it !!!! I miss the deep angst of living in secret though … I was so alive !!!! 

Meanwhile, you can check out Britney’s post below. Her father, Jaime has yet to respond to Britney’s comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for future updates.

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