50 Cent stood up for Mo’Nique during tough times. The In Da Club rapper has been very vocal about his support of her. This time the actress had a chance to show her love towards the rapper in her own fashion.

In a recent Instagram post by The Neighbourhood Talk, Mo’Nique was seen getting down to the rapper’s hit song “Many Men.” The crowd could be seen cheering her on while she was at it. This can be considered an indirect response to Fifty’s support for her.

This comes after Fif took to his Instagram page to rant and rave about the entertainment industry. The rant was mostly focused on the blackballing of Mo from a few years back. 50 wants to see the comedian and actress’ return to the big screens.

Mo’Nique has been vocal about her difficulties getting work since her fallout with her famous former friends. A few years back after she opted to not thank director Lee Daniels while giving her Oscar acceptance speech for Precious. Since then, many executives in Hollywood have reportedly been hesitant to work with her.

50 Cent could put Mo’Nique in a role on any of his shows on the Starz network. His deal with Starz ends in September 2022. However, the network is interested in renewing it, per The Hollywood Reporter. This can be a turnaround for the actress as she might get another shot at showing off her skills in front of the camera.

We’ll have to see if Fif gives Mo’Nique some love on one of his shows. In the meantime, he certainly gave her support and that has to mean something.

This news will instill hope for the fans of the actress. Keeping her amazing performances in mind, we can’t wait to get to see her back at the best of her capabilities. Keep checking back with Thirsty as we continue following this ongoing story.

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