Snoop Dogg announced his official takeover of Death Row Records on February 10, 2022. Snoop appears to be very ambitious now that he is in charge, and he recently revealed his plans to take Death Row into the NFT space. He is also making some moves about where that music can be found.

For the time being, Snoop Dogg is saying good-bye to streamers. Early this morning, a post on Reddit’s HipHopHeads thread noted that, aside from 2Pac’s projects, the West Coast rapper appears to have removed almost the entirety of Death Row Records’ catalogue from platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

While nothing has been officially confirmed on his end, many users have speculated that the Doggfather intends to make Death Row‘s music exclusively available in the NFT space. Given that the initial news came from a Wikipedia article, one person on the thread suggested that it could all be “speculation.”

Others quickly pointed out that projects such as Dogg Food, Necessary Roughness, The Chronic, and Doggystyle, among others, had been removed from DSPs. “Gonna go Joker mode if Death Row’s discography isn’t uploaded back to Spotify in the next ten minutes,” someone tweeted yesterday afternoon, sentiments echoed by hundreds more in the hours that followed.

Another user speculated that Death Row might simply be going through licensing changes, resulting in a temporary removal, pointing out that the Above the Rim soundtrack is also missing across platforms. “This page is also completely blank lol,” they wrote alongside a link to the label’s Apple Music page. “Guess Snoop’s purchase will be changing a few things before the albums go back up.”

You can check out what else Twitter has to say about the mysterious disappearance of Death Row’s catalogue below. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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