Cardi B has established herself as an icon in the music industry. The star has a massive fanbase across the globe and surely what she says carries a lot of weight. Recently, she used her fame to do some good and raise awareness.

Recently Fox 4 News reported that a video went viral of students in DeSoto, Texas, throwing a metal chair at a teacher. The school, which is located in a suburb of Dallas, reportedly canceled classes on Friday after the violent incident took place.

It isn’t clear if criminal charges will be filed against the teacher or the student involved. The incident took the social media by storm, reaching millions of users. It soon caught Cardi B’s attention and she had some harsh words for the kids who attacked the teacher.

Cardi B reposted the video of the incident on Twitter and said, “Disgusting this generation is really lost.” The music sensation added, “I went to school wit a lot of gangstas and no matter what they never put their hands on a teacher.” The incident has certainly sent shockwaves.

The rapper further continued with a message for the kids. She said, “Kids, this is not respected, not cool, not funny, not tough, not gangsta… it’s giving y’all p*ssy.” Soon after the violent incident went down, the DeSoto school district issued a statement.

“DeSoto ISD is intent on re-establishing a culture and climate that emphasizes safety, security, and educational excellence.” 

Meanwhile, check out a video of the fight below. We will be on the lookout for more updates. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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