Mackenzie McKee made headlines when she managed to maintain an amazing body while battling Type 1 diabetes. In the past, she’s made fans cringe a bit with her attempt at sexy Santa dance. Now, fans are seriously concerned as McKee hinted at starting an OnlyFans account.

McKee previously expressed her FOMO as she hasn’t been asked to film for the next season of Teen Mom. Mackenzie McKee also claimed that she was lied to by MTV. She currently has a tanning salon business in Florida.

Mackenzie is quite concerned about the rising gas prices. She filmed herself showing off her feet, saying that its practice for her OnlyFans account. Mackenzie then flexed her foot, saying: “For $10 you’ll get this. For $100, you’ll get this nice and sweaty after a long workout.”

“For $5,000 I’ll send you this,” as she pulled off her sock. McKee added. “Yeah, you like that?” she said. “Got blisters on them from running. Chipped polish. And for $10,000 I’ll lick my big toe for you.” She further explained.

McKee noted that she will need OnlyFans to afford rising gas prices. She wrote over the clip: “Me practicing for my only fans so I can afford gas.” Mackenzie posted the Instagram video on Thursday.

We think its a joke but who knows what the future holds. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more updates.

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