Machine Gun Kelly is one of the most talented and versatile artists in the music industry. His music can be listened to by a wide majority of people across genres. However, some people do doubt his talents and now he has proved them wrong.

A TikTok was posted a week ago by a man who says he works at Guitar Center. In the video, which he captioned, “Machine Gun Kelly EXPOSED.” The person making the video looked at MGK’s signature Schecter guitar and noticed its “kill switch” was turned downwards.

When the kill switch of the guitar is turned down, you can strum all you can without making any sound. After looking at three different photos with the “kill switch” in the down position, the man said he doesn’t play his guitar live often. This made MGK come to TikTok and make a whole video explaining how the mechanism works.

MGK demonstrated that the “kill switch” can actually be rotated quite easily so that the mute position can be up or down or in any direction you like. “This guy flipped the kill switch for his video,” said MGK. MGK then challenged any of his fans to “go buy the guitar and see for yourself.”

The rapper also made fun of the person in the video by saying he is wearing a hat partly owned by MGK. In the end, the person showed a picture of Pete Davidson to which MGK said: “That’s not even me”. The original TikToker later posted a new video to his page where he admitted, “I was wrong, and I’m happy to admit that.”

It was amazing to see MGK react to the video in a fun way addressing the whole situation. By doing so, he also made several plugs about the guitar by encouraging people to go and play it for themselves.

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Anirban Biswas

Anirban Biswas has been writing for Thirsty For News since 2021 and has been covering various topics such as entertainment, music, and pop culture. In his free time, Anirban enjoys playing guitar, composing music and exploring new places.

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