Christina Ricci is a well-known individual who is recognized for sticking to her opinions. Christina is the latest craze to weigh in on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s contentious divorce. Christina Ricci recently accused Kanye West of “post-separation abuse.”

Ricci weighed in on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s acrimonious divorce battle. According to Daily Mail, Kim accused Kanye of ‘post-separation abuse’ in an Instagram Story. This was accomplished while sharing a link to a story about the rapper’s controversial music video in which he faked burying Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson.

“It’s called Post Separation Abuse and it’s happening to one of the most famous, wealthiest, powerful women in the world…”

After the post, the Yellowjackets star added.

“Harassment, threats, public humiliation, it’s all there.”

Ricci’s remarks come after Kanye has regularly bashed Kim’s new lover Pete in his music and on social media, calling him “Skete.” Last month, the rapper published private conversations from Kim in which she asked him to stop attacking Pete and expressed concern for his safety.

A judge ruled in Kim’s favor earlier this month, declaring her legally single and removing the ‘West’ from her surname, as Kanye released his music video ‘Easy,’ which featured him knocking up her SNL comedian partner.

The term “post-separation abuse” refers to abusive behavior by an ex-partner or ex-spouse after a relationship has ended, and it is now recognized by the Domestic Abuse Bill. Ricci’s divorce from ex-husband James Heerdegen, whom she married in 2013, was tumultuous. Following an alleged domestic abuse incident, she filed for divorce in July 2020, which he vehemently rejected. On Thursday, the actress shared a tweet about Kim and Kanye in a follow-up Instagram Story.

“Saw someone talk about how if Kim K, with all the money and resources in the world, can’t safely and simply divorce her husband without being harassed and stalked, then its about time we stop asking women in domestic violence situations the question ‘why doesn’t she just leave?'”

Since last month, Twitter has been ablaze with comments on Kanye’s alleged post-divorce abuse. Activist Sprout Chinn tweeted about the divorce on February 14.

“Kanye’s behavior is an example of post separation abuse. It’s incredibly dangerous. It’s scary how many people are taking it lightly, treating it as a meme. Post separation is statistically the MOST dangerous time for a woman.”

Many of them have sided with Kim Kardashian. The ex-couple have been granted a divorce, yet they still can’t get rid of each other. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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