Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak appeared to be in a mood on Wednesday. Pat Sajak is back doing what he does best these days, stoking the red hot flames of viral controversy. As a result many viewers and fans was raising their voice on social media.

Contestant Scott Ingwersen was telling a story during his introduction interview when Sajak made his snarky feelings known about it. The long time host clearly did not appreciate a contestant’s story during the player interviews. He made it abundantly clear.

Sajak wasn’t impressed with Ingwersen’s “most pointless story ever told” and social media watchdogs immediately sank their teeth into him over his a*hole attitude. It all started when the beloved but suddenly divisive game show guru glanced down at his handy flash card, noted Ingwersen’s survival story and couldn’t help but ask the contestant about it.

“Why am I mentioning this?. It’s on your card. You had your big toe chopped off. Why are you telling this?”.

Ingwersen then explained his tragic tale to the Chicago native.

“It’s important to know that when I was 12 years old, I was riding a 10-speed bike with flip flops and I fell and completely cut off the top of my toe”.

“The next car that came by were two paramedics that were on their way to their job, and they said, ‘It’s just a laceration.’ But I didn’t know what that was, so it freaked me out even more. And my toe is reattached, and I just wanna say ‘thank you’ to them 30 years later”.

The audience applauded but Sajak quickly shut them down showing how unimpressed he was as he shook his head.

“That may have been the most pointless story ever told. And you told it, Scott. Congratulations to you”.

The viral response made viewers roll their eyes from behind their phone screens, and they tweeted their thoughts about Sajak’s apathetic moment.

“Poor Scott just wanted to tell his story. Pat just throwing the shade” a fan noted.

“A contestant on #WheelOfFortune was telling a story. When he finished. Pat said to him… That may Have been the most pointless story ever told. 😲 When did #Patsajak get so cold-blooded? 😁😁” joked another user.

Someone else tweeted “Is anyone else watching #WheelofFortune??? Pat Sajak is such an a–hole who says to someone ‘that’s the most pointless story ever’ when someone is opening up on National TV???”.

Several wrote that Sajak needed to apologize to the contestant, while others deemed him a hypocrite.

Sajak was in the news recently for asking viewers to “have a little heart” and to be kinder to contestants. However, his response to Ingwersen’s story was anything but kind. While viewers were upset with the host for being rude, Ingwersen appeared to enjoy himself. Although he didn’t advance to the bonus round, he did take home $5,700 in prizes.

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