Omeretta the Great is a brilliant rapper who rose to fame after overcoming adversity at a young age. Fans look forward to her as an inspiration because all she has is the result of her hard work. Omeretta the Great just disclosed something that may be shocking to the supporters. Omeretta revealed the reason for leaving L&HH Atlanta on ‘It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper’.

According to TMZ, Omeretta The Great believed that the producers of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” misled her, focusing more on “love” than hip-hop, and that’s was the reason she left the show.

On the “It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper” podcast, Omeretta detailed how things went wrong with ‘LHHA,’ at least from her perspective. The rapper claimed that the VH1 show she was pitched would focus on her “ascension to the top,” which she enthusiastically accepted. Cardi B before becoming an international celebrity was one of the artists included in the series, so Omeretta hoped it would help her as well.

Omeretta claimed, what ended up broadcasting was unexpected, focusing on the controversy around her music career, which Omeretta frankly admitted irritated her. Now, it wasn’t all bad, in fact, OTG informed Raq that she learned a valuable lesson from her time in front of the ‘LHHA’ cameras.

Once she told them she was peace out, the show didn’t try hard to persuade her to stay. Omeretta believed she has been duped, and she is not looking back. What do you think, did Omeretta took the correct decision? For further updates stay tuned To Thirsty.

Muskan Sharma

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