Lil Durk is really in love with his fiance India Royale and it is very evident to the public. He has got engaged with her recently and shared the pictures with the world. This time Durk revealed how he thought that India was the one for him.

On Tuesday, March 8, Gillie shared a clip from the highly-anticipated installment of the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast featuring Lil Durk. The rapper touches on his relationship with his fiancée India Royale and what truly attracted him to her. The Chicago rapper also revealed that it was her low “body count” that really attracted him to India.

“Everything about her like being real, not cheating. She ain’t been passed around. It was like her body count. That’s what really did it.”

As soon as the clip appeared on Twitter, the hot takes came pouring in from several different perspectives. Some users were quick to point out the rapper’s own assumed body count as well as his troupe of children. However, other users didn’t see an issue with him embracing the true love he has for Royale.

Fans came and voiced their thoughts on his comments about women and their body count. “Smurk needs to grow up idk, plus you with india… this shouldn’t matter to you anymore 😭,” one user wrote. “I mean durk’s saying what most men think but wont openly say cuz it comes with pushback & arguments,” another user wrote.

From the looks of it, Durk is really glad to have India in his life. The fans might argue that his choice of words describing what he likes in women is a bit obscure. Any of that doesn’t matter as long as they are happy together.

Smurk’s new record, 7220, drops on March 11th. He dared anyone else to compete with that drop and it’s likely to include plenty of bangers. We’ll just have to see if Durk can keep a nice balance of drill rap anthems and songs about the love of his life. Either way, we’re listening.

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