The Game is definitely one of the most recognizable rappers in the Hip-Hop world. He is highly successful but it wasn’t always that way for the rapper as he worked hard to bring himself up from poverty.

However, despite all his hard work, The Game is also a controversial figure in the Hip-Hop world. Last year, the rapper was sued for $12 million in a cryptocurrency lawsuit.

While speaking during a recent episode of Drink Champs, The Game claimed that he is a better rapper than Eminem. This led to a lot of backlash from fans who tried to shut him down with messages about Eminem having the most certified Gold and Platinum singles of any artist.

The Game wasn’t having any of it as he took to Twitter and in a series of tweets, explained his reasoning for what he said. The Game claimed that he did not sell as much as Eminem has due to him being unapologetically black.

“All this talk I see on the net saying Eminem is better than me because he sold more records is like saying McDonald’s is better than Tam’s burgers, it’s FALSE !!! They just put more money in McDonald’s & promoted the sh*t out the happy meal dangling toys in kids faces. Translation for those of you who don’t know how major record companies do business: it’s a machine designed to work for the artists who PLAY NICE in massa’s house. I was TOO REAL, TOO UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK & cut the puppet strings early on in my career n decided to rebel.”

Major labels are known for BUYING ALBUMS & paying off everyone to boost sales of the artists THEY CHOOSE to shine the light on. If you ain’t dancin’ to massa’s tune, you lose your budget & the machine is taken off your project and put to work on another artist who’s willing to SD. A lot of y’all have no idea what goes on behind the doors of these labels. I’ve been front & center and have kept quiet about a lot of sh*t mainly because I didn’t care about it enough to take time out of my life to open this can of worms.”

“They only want you to believe in yourself to a certain extent. Soon as you start telling yourself you’re better than their CHOSEN ONE or challenge the machine, they start feeding the internet STATS like I give a f*ck how many records the next man sold. F*** how many records he sold, you sold or I sold. that’s just #’s on paper n some little awards that ain’t no bigger than my YMCA trophy’s.”

The Game is passionate about his craft and he took a stand to defend himself after all the backlash he received recently. It remains to be seen whether Eminem will respond to The Game’s claim or not.

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