Kevin Durant has a charming personality that everyone admires. In addition to being funny KD is always open about his opinions. Despite being one of the best players in the entire NBA, KD has dealt with his fair share of hostile fanbases over the years and now he is speaking out.

Durant’s personality is one of the reasons why his podcast does so well. KD always speaks his mind no matter what. The KBA star made a few observations about avid basketball fans who bring players down.

Durant has a strong opinion on what Ben Simmons is about to go through tomorrow when the Nets visit the Philadelphia 76ers in Philly. While Simmons isn’t expected to be on the bench, he will still get the the boos. Durant explained that when Simmons is booed, it just shows that Sixers fans are immature and miserable.

“I’m sure there’s going to be some personal attacks. Some people don’t even enjoy basketball, their lives are so sh**** that they get to just aim it at other people… Ben understands that. I’m sure some stuff may even be funny,” Durant said. It is surely a very uneventful return for Simmons returning to his former city.

KD is also speaking from experience. When Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder, he became public enemy number one in the entire state. Hopefully the boos don’t impact Simmons too much.

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