Snoop Dogg is taking his new position as Def Jam’s executive creative consultant seriously. Along with that, Snoop was able to attract talent such as Benny the Butcher to the label. Snoop recently revealed that he assisted Benny The Butcher in obtaining more money in the Def Jam deal.

The Rap mogul is juggling several businesses and a music career, but he is making sure that his role at Def Jam, a label he previously stated that he always wanted to be a part of, is also a priority. Snoop said in an interview with Elliott Wilson for Tidal that he was instrumental in getting Benny The Butcher signed to Def Jam. 

According to Hnhh, Snoop revealed in November that the Griselda rapper had made the label his new home, and now Snoop has revealed what happened behind the scenes.

“He’s like, ‘Oh man, they lowballed me.’ I said, ‘Lowballed you? They don’t know who you is?’” said Snoop. Snoop told Benny that after learning the person’s name, they were going to ignore them and go over their heads. “I’m going to call the boss. You’re going to tell the boss what you want, and he’s going to give you what you want and you’re going to sign.”

He also stated that he did not accept the position at Def Jam to be another executive who disregards the desires of artists.

“You can bring me in to do executive sh*t, but remember I’m an artist, so I’m going to always pattern it for the artist. Especially Hip Hop artists… You never know what you’re worth until you overcharge. That’s what we need to know. A lot of times, we be scared. I go in and overcharge.”

Benny needs to appreciate what Snoop Dogg did for him. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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