Nas was recently sued by the photographer over a picture he shared on social media. The photo was taken by Al Pereira in 1993. It showed Nas hanging out with Tupac Shakur at a New York City club.

Nas shared the photo on Instagram in 2020. Pereira is fiercely protective of his intellectual property, having copyrighted the pic in 2017. The lawsuit that followed accused Nas of infringement.

Snoop Dogg took to Instagram to defend Nas. The Compton entertainment mogul is not sure how someone could be sued for a photo that they’re in. Snoop went so far as to call Pereira “rabid.”

“How’s a motherf*cker suing Nas for a picture that he in?” Snoop said on Instagram as he declared that photographers “You f*ckin photographers lost y’all mothafuckin’ rabid ass minds, motherf*cker.”


Snoop went on to call for laws to protect artists from this sort of predatory behavior. There are plenty of people selling pictures of Snoop. He doesn’t understand why he doesn’t make money off the photos as well.

Time will tell what the judge thinks in the lawsuit against Nas. The plaintiffs would have to prove that Nas profited or intended to profit from the use of the photo. It could be a very difficult road to victory for Al Pereira.

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