Kylie Jenner has named her second child Wolfie. However, her ex-pal Tammy Hembrow and her fans do think otherwise. Now Tammy has posted a series of pictures claiming to be Wolfie’s mother.

Tammy took to Instagram and struck a series of poses, showing off her growing baby bump in a new Instagram post. The former member of Kylie’s inner circle posed in a chic outfit while sitting on a plush pink sofa. She was photographed in a grey top and pants with a white bag on her shoulder.

The influencer captioned the pictures “Wolfie’s mum,” referring to her eldest child’s name. This has gained much traction recently with Kylie being slammed for stealing the name. Tammy’s fans also came to the support accusing the beauty mogul of stealing the moniker.

Earlier this month, Tammy snapped a photo of herself holding her son Wolf’s hand and fans went wild in the comments. Fans cracked jokes in the comments, with one writing: “Kylie had to steal Tammy’s firstborn’s name.” Another wrote: “You did it first.” A third wrote: “Kylie’s just copying you.”

In a recent TikTok post from the fitness influencer Tammy, fans were quick to spot some shade being thrown in the comments. She was quick to reply to a comment, saying: “Actually, liking the name Stormi at the moment.” A fan spotted the comments and it was seen as a shade thrown at Kylie.

Given the fact that two people can share the same name, the fans might be going a bit overboard with this. While Tammy and her fans are sure about this, Kylie has yet to speak on the issue.

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