Rihanna has been baby-bumping her way from one event to the next for weeks now. Rihanna is no longer hiding her pregnancy after revealing that she and boyfriend A$AP Rocky are expecting their first child together. She has been proudly flaunting her baby bump.

Fans have been savoring every second, and Jada Pinkett Smith has joined the ranks of those who can’t get enough of Rihanna’s radiance and pregnant style. The actress revisited her 1998 look, when she walked the red carpet while pregnant with her son Jaden in a transparent gown.

Jada Pinkett Smith uploaded a photo of Rihanna wearing a black, sheer, lingerie-style garment, along with a photo of herself from 1998. Jada was pregnant with her son Jaden at the time, and she donned a transparent gown of her own on the red carpet.

Who says you can’t wear see thru fits when you’re preggers???


I love me some Rih. She’s bold, unapologetic, fierce, kind and an all around girls girl. She likes to see other women win and that’s one of her qualities I admire most. She’s a queen that loves helping other women find and hold their own crowns. As women, it’s important that we seeeee one another, help heal one another, love one another and support one another. Here’s to one more of my favorites for International Women’s Month.

Rihanna stated in a recent interview with PEOPLE that while finding clothing is difficult for her while pregnant, it does have its advantages. Rihanna added that she’s loving not having to worry about covering up her belly. Check out Jada Pinkett Smith’s photo collage below.

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