Kanye West just released a video for his song “Eazy,” which has sparked controversy. Pete Davidson is kidnapped and buried by Donda rapper in the video, but not after he beheads him. However, a viral TikTok video showed Starbucks employees profiting from the one-sided feud over Kim Kardashian.

Starbucks employees used the one-sided dispute over Kim Kardashian to rack up extra money with Kanye West or Pete Davidson tip jars, according to the video. @dejapoo00, a TikTok user, posted a video of himself driving through a Starbucks drive-thru where the labeled tip jars were left out. She puts her money in the Davidson jar, which has multiple dollar notes, rather than the West jar, which just contains change.

The video has 6.6 million views, with the majority of the comments showing support for Davidson. While many people hopped on the bandwagon, others emphasized the seriousness of West and Davidson’s public feud.

“This has nothing to do with Ye’s music or race. Kanye has been unhinged & making Kim feel threatened. That’s 100% not okay & that’s why Pete’s winning,”

“No but fr we need to stop normalizing kanyes toxic behaviors just because its ‘entertaining’ the guy really needs help.”

While some found the “Eazy” music video frightening, Davidson has remained defiant, according to a source, who describes the video as “hysterical.” After making a request to modify her marital status in December 2021, Kardashian was legally deemed single and dismissed last week. West had attempted to overturn the decision by expressing concern for his trust and retirement plan.

However, Kardashian took to social media shortly after her court triumph to remove “West” from her name on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Kardashian declared she was “doing so great” when she made her first public appearance after the judge’s judgment, at the inauguration of the Revolve Social Club in Los Angeles.

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