Snoop Dogg has a long history with the video game industry. He’s appeared in Def Jam: True Crime: Streets Of LA, Fight For NY, Madden NFL 20, and other games, and he even live streams his own Xbox gameplay. Snoop, however, plans to make his video game connection official in the coming months.

On Monday, FaZe Clan Inc. announced that Snoop Dogg will join their massive talent network, which includes Lil Yachty aka “FaZe Boat,” Offset aka “FaZe Offset,” and others. According to the public statement, Snoop’s official name will be FaZe Snoop, and he will be co-creating content, assisting with key business initiatives, and launching merchandise with the brand. Snoop will also join the FaZe Clan’s board of directors when it becomes a publicly-traded company in Spring 2022.

Snoop Dogg said in a statement:

“It only makes sense to partner with FaZe Clan as both a team member and on the Board of Directors. The youth identifies with their brand and that’s something my son Cordell knew, which is why he brought us together.”

“The organic relationship between FaZe and Snoop has been building for years now, so we are thrilled to officially welcome FaZe Snoop to the family,” Kai Henry, Chief Strategy Officer of FaZe Clan, added. “As the original internet kid and first-generation gamer, Snoop has always understood the cultural connection between music, lifestyle and gaming.”

Snoop Dogg is also going to launch a community engagement program for youth that will focus on charitable activities. During Super Bowl LVI weekend, the program held a flag football event in which FaZe members competed in a flag football game, and each team received $25,000 to help build youth sports. The donation from FaZe Clan went to Snoop Dogg’s Youth Football League.

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