Pooh Shiesty is facing major facing legal issues since 2020 and things looked bleak for him ever since. While the Memphis rapper awaits his sentencing hearing in his federal firearms, new pictures of him from jail has allegedly surfaced online.

Pooh Shiesty has now appeared in an alleged new photo from behind bars, posing with two fellow inmates. In the picture, the Memphis rapper stood in the middle of his two friends, looking straight into the camera as he sports a grown-out beard. It seems the rapper now has new company.

Although it is unclear when the photo was taken, DJ Akademiks and several other rap blogs claim this is recent. Pooh was wearing an all-white sweatsuit with a white beanie next to the other inmates. Pooh’s new friends threw up middle fingers and gang signs in the picture.

This comes following accusations made against the rapper last week that he snitched to the feds, which he denied. “‘Omertà.’ It will never show in no paper that I set down with the government and gave a statement on no one on the case for something in return in that case I will not be here,” said Pooh on Instagram last week. “A factual proffer is not a government proffer where the weak will sit down and tell they sole. No the difference before you use my name in vein.”

Pooh Shiesty’s bond has been previously refused, despite his best efforts to return home. The rapper intimated that his productive career would continue in the aftermath of his trial. As of now, Pooh will remain in a federal prison in Florida until his April sentencing. 

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