Khloe Kardashian is a huge reality star with a big clothing brand under her belt. Eventually, she has amassed great wealth along the lines of her career. However, fans have taken a distaste for showing off her wealth too much.

The KUWTK alum recently faced backlash for sharing photos of her daughter True wearing a designer outfit worth $6,500. On Sunday, she shared snaps of True wearing a tweed Gucci coat worth $1,290 as well as a $632 Gucci dress and $544 Fendi boots. True had a Judith Leiber clutch purse shaped like a basketball costing $3,995.

The Good American founder appeared to subtly hit out at her critics with a cryptic post on her Instagram story hours after the controversy. She shared a quote that had some deep lines describing happiness and peace. However, that doesn’t stop the fans from being upset at the lavish lifestyle she’s providing for her daughter.

“Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.”

One wrote in Khloe’s comments: “Do you always have to flaunt your money? Glad your kid has Gucci.” A second posted: “This child’s outfit costs more than I make in a month.” Another remarked: “Must be nice to be rich,” while a fourth fan said, “These kids are so exploited.”

Khloe previously claimed that having money doesn’t necessarily equate to having no problems in life. Fans were quick to the onslaught as they commented saying: “Money means you don’t have problems? Yeah, you may have problems but you are able to pay for therapy, meds, etc. I am struggling rn and I can’t afford it.” A second person stated: “So easy for rich people to say that she has more options than a poor person does!”

Showing off your riches regularly after posting contradictory quotes will always get on the nerves of people. While she shows no signs of slowing down on the show-off front, the fans aren’t willing to back off either.

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