Hakeem Robinson, also known as rapper Ksoo, is in jail and faces two separate second degree murder charges. He’s charged in the 2019 shooting death of 16 year old Adrian Gainer and the 2020 shooting death of Charles McCormick. The rapper now has his latest motion denied by a judge.

A judge has denied a request by defense attorneys representing the Jacksonville rapper Hakeem Robinson. He wanted the state prosecutor removed from the case. According to an order obtained by News4JAX on Friday.

According to the original motion filed by Robinson’s attorneys they believe the state attorney’s office enlists people who are facing jail time to testify against suspects in exchange for a lesser sentence. The lawyers referenced a conversation between a state prosecutor and a witness who chose to testify against Deontrae Thomas, a murder suspect, during his trial in 2020. Robinson’s attorneys say the witness was not in jail, but was facing a sentence for a different crime.

They said the witness recorded the conversation with the prosecutor on his cellphone. The motion claims the prosecutor told the witness what to say on the stand. However, the judge ruled Ksoo’s attorney’s motion was denied as the incomplete and illegal recording used as the basis for the motion to be filed didn’t establish substantial misconduct.

Also, the witness involved in Thomas’ case didn’t appear to be threatened or pressured by the prosecutor. Instead the witness was allegedly setting up the prosecutor for the witness’s advantage. The judge said if anyone was guilty of misconduct, it was the witness who illegally recorded the prosecutor without their consent.

Robinson’s attorneys have also filed a motion to reduce his bond, which is $4 million. The judge scheduled a meeting on March 14 to set a date for that hearing.

Checkout all details in the elaborative documentary video below.

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