Tyler Perry is one of Hollywood’s biggest success stories. He made his debut film, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” after saving money from stage appearances. However, in a recent interview, Tyler was made to answer fans’ most pressing questions regarding his personal life.

Vanity Fair tapped director Tyler Perry to take a seat and respond to a few of his fans’ most burning questions, ranging from whether he reads the reviews of his films to whether Eddie Murphy is aware that he was the inspiration for one of Perry’s most popular characters, Madea, in the latest installment of their Lie Detector video series.

Many of M’s followers have asked if he ever mimics her legendary voice in his regular talks, to which he has replied that he does not. He did, however, make a joke about using his Madea voice during sex, which, as Bossip points out, may or may not be true.

Later in the video, an interviewer shows Perry a photo of J.J. Abrams and asks if he’s “better than the Star Wars director.” If you’ve ever watched Keke Palmer’s version of the Lie Detector interview, you’ll understand why the New Orleans native said, “I have no idea who this man is, sorry to this man.”

Since Perry featured in Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek film and has previously expressed his enthusiasm for Abrams’ work, the situation is even more funny. Perry doubles down when the interviewer points this out, behaving as if she had previously mispronounced his colleague’s name. “That’s J.J. Abrams! What did you call him? That’s not what you said… Yeah, that’s J.J. Abrams, I know J.J. Abrams,” he joked.

Tyler Perry’s full Vanity Fair Lie Detector video is embedded below.

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