Euphoria is a controversial show full of sex and drugs, but it is also a cautionary tale. Angus Cloud says he does not glorify drugs and says that drugs are not a joke. He also said that younger viewers might be getting the wrong message from the show.

Angus, who plays Fezco in the HBO hit series, plays the role of a drug dealer and a close friend of Rue, Zendaya’s character. He originally supplied drugs to her but with time as he addiction took the best of her, he refused to supply drugs to her.

The anti-drug organization D.A.R.E. recently called out the series for portraying a lot of drug abuse. Euphoria producers say that they’re actually trying to show the viewers the negative side of drugs.

Angus Cloud also got featured in a music video for Juice WRLD’s recently released song “Cigarettes”. The video is about a man battling an addiction to alcohol and how it takes full control of his mind. The video is about his journey towards sobriety.

The music video starts off with a man who is working at a warehouse, taking a sip of liquor as he packs shipments. His boss then scolds him before he leaves work. He heads to the bar where he clashes with his girlfriend who is worried about him since he’s not coming back home. The man then gets fired from his job because he was caught drinking at his workplace. Then we see his girlfriend leaving him and all their memories start playing.

The man then starts having hallucinations of his girlfriend. He goes on to pour out all his alcohol bottles into the sink and decides to start his journey towards sobriety. After he gets healthier, he gets into a car with his friends, one of them being Angus Cloud. They go to the club and our main character finds himself in a difficult position as everybody around him is drinking. He almost ordered a drink when he sees the love of his life. He leaves his drink and joins her again.

Juice WRLD died of an overdose just when he was 21-years old. The rapper had worked really hard and recorded hundreds of songs, constantly in the studio with fellow rap artists that never saw the light of the day.

Watch the music video that has a powerful message to give to its audience.

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