‘Two And A Half Men’ star Charlie Sheen remains one of the most controversial stars in the history of Hollywood thanks to his insane use of drugs, alcohol and women. Charlie Sheen has reached a settlement with an anonymous ex-girlfriend who was suing him.

Sheen was being sued for failing to disclose his HIV positive status before having intercourse with her, therefore exposing her to the virus without her knowledge. According to court documents obtained by Radar, Sheen’s ex-girlfriend – known to only as Jane Doe in the legal documents – filed paperwork with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Theresa Traber recently, confirming that the matter had been settled.

Jane Doe was suing Sheen – referred to only as “confidential male defendant” in the court – for exposing her to HIV by engaging in unprotected intercourse despite the now 56-year-old actor knowing he was positive for the virus, according to the original case, which was filed in June 2017.

In early September 2015, Plaintiff JANE was introduced to CONFIDENTIAL MALE DEFENDANT. They were mutually attracted to one another and began a romantic relationship within days. CMD did not tell JANE that he was HIV-positive. Prior to commencing a sexual relationship and on multiple occasions thereafter, JANE asked CMD whether he had any sexually transmitted diseases (‘STD’), including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (‘HIV’). JANE did not want to have sexual intercourse with anyone who was HIV-positive and she wanted to make sure that she was protected against the risk of exposure to any STDs, including HIV.

Despite the fact that Sheen’s ex-girlfriend said he told her he was great when she asked if he was clean, it was later uncovered that the actor got the virus in 2011, and even went so far as to speak about his positive status in a number of interviews between 2015 and 2016. Although the case against Sheen and his ex-girlfriend was settled out of court, the terms of the deal were not published in the most current court filings.

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