Kelly Stafford is one of the NFL’s most visible player wives. Stafford was all over the place this season as her husband, Matthew Stafford, led the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl championship. Kelly participated in such activities as throwing food at opposing fans, arguing with those fans online, and being assigned to help an injured woman during a celebratory parade after her husband walked away.

Stafford is nothing if not controversial. Kelly also hosts a podcast where she shares all the details of her life that she thinks are fit to broadcast. On the latest “The Morning After,” Kelly talked about her botched breast implant surgery.

Stafford was very young when she decided to get the operation. Matthew and Kelly were already dating at the time. The pair were college sweethearts at the University of George. Nineteen year old Kelly decided she wanted bigger boobs, so she did it.

“I just turned 19. So I went and got a boob job.

He [Matthew Stafford] was like, ‘Do not do it. Please don’t do it,’ and I was like, ‘Listen, love you, but I’ve wanted this for a long time and this is about me, not about you.

It was two balloons on my chest. It was so, so bad.”

Kelly Stafford went on to joke that if Matthew Stafford had paid for the breast augmentation, they would have been much better. Kelly had a corrective surgery one year later to make the implants smaller. A couple of years ago, she had them completely reconstructed. Kelly warned her listeners to never seek out discount plastic surgery. It was a hard lesson that Stafford learned all too well herself.

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Michael Perry

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