Kim Kardashian is legally single. However, she isn’t the only one celebrating. Kim’s divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser is proud of her win and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Kim was seeking to be granted legally single status for months and her prayers have now been finally answered. The judge has officially granted the reality star that status. Legally, Kim is a single woman and has also dropped the “West” from her last name.

While Kim is happy, it seems her divorce attorney is happier. Hours after the victory, Laura decided to share a selfie shading Kanye West.

The Sun reports that Kim K’s attorney had a little quip to share in the paperwork. “Nice try, wrote Laura clearly throwing a little sass at the Donda rapper. The 53-year-old attorney has celebrated numerous celebrity clients in divorces.

On the other hand, Kanye’s lawyer did not object to the ruling. The attorney did offer up three conditions. First, Kim had to forfeit any right to reimbursement of money that was supposed to be divided up in case either dies. That was granted. Two other requests involving the transfer of assets in the event of remarriage and a waiver of marital privilege were shot down.

Court documents reflected that Kim Kardashian wanted the legally single status because she is trying to move on from the marriage. There has not been much to indicate that Kanye West wants the same thing. Nonetheless, Kim is now legally single and we are happy about it.

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