Kanye West has done almost everything to humiliate and scare Pete Davidson in the past months. Things have turned around now with the declaration of Kim being legally single. Just after that announcement, Pete’s bar was playing Ye’s songs on repeat.

Robert Pattinson threw an after-party at Pete’s new Pebble Bar in Rockefeller Center on Tuesday following The Batman premier. According to Page Six, Kanye West’s tunes were practically on repeat. This comes strangely after Kim won the court battle against Ye on the divorce issue.

“I heard a lot of Kanye. Not many people knew about this party, but most of the music being played was Kanye. It was believed that Pete hosted the party, but I didn’t see him.”

West’s hits “Gold Digger” and “Fade” were some of the tunes the crowd heard. Pete Davidson and Robert Pattinson were absent at the party with the former busy filming. However, it was claimed that Pete did set the party up there with Robert.

Pete Davidson is one of the major investors of the Pebble Bar. Other investors include the likes of Jason Sudeikis, Justin Theroux Mark Ronson, and Nicholas Braun. Zoe Kravitz, her boyfriend Channing Tatum, Jason Momoa, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Busta Rhymes were present at the aforementioned party.

Chappelle had reportedly banned cell phones from the event as people were giving warm speeches. Momoa reposted photographer pal Jason Roman’s images from the bash and described the night as “epic.” Everybody seemed to enjoy the party as The Batman premiere ended on a good note.

Kim Kardashian is legally single again and there will be no holding back the new couple. The tedious and tiring journey to legally get out of the marriage has cemented Pete and Kim’s relationship more than ever.

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